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ActLight improves lidar 3D sensing performance

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ActLight improves lidar 3D sensing performance

Swiss technology company ActLight, known for its best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio photodiodes, announced today that the continued development of its patented low-voltage single-photon sensitivity technology has achieved excellent results.


3D sensing enables AR applications

Single-photon devices currently used in smartphone lidar scanners can create depth maps of surrounding space and launch augmented reality (AR) applications, but are very sensitive to ambient light and become blind in the presence of bright light : The tunability of ActLight Dynamic photodiodes now solves this problem.

In fact, with single-photon sensitivity, ActLight technology can not only measure absolute depth in low light, but also maintain depth measurement accuracy in bright light by adjusting the sensitivity of the photodiode to the appropriate level and preventing blindness . Precision adjustment is possible by adjusting the bias voltage on the photodiode.

Another unique feature of the dynamic photodiode is its low-voltage operating mode (1V to 2V), which, coupled with its tunability and small size, makes it ideal for true low-power lidar systems.

“The rapid adoption of lidar in smartphones has created a huge demand for improved light sensor performance, and we are speaking to key players in the lidar supply chain and their customers to bring this technology to market,” ActLight said in a statement. Founder and CEO Serguei Okhonin said. “With its tunable sensitivity and low voltage characteristics, our dynamic photodiode is unique and well-positioned to take depth sensing to the next level.”

About ActLight SA

ActLight SA is a start-up company founded in 2011, headquartered in Switzerland, focusing on the field of CMOS photonics, developing a new type of photodetector dynamic photodiode (DPD). As a fabless company, ActLight specializes in intellectual property (IP) in this area and operates primarily on an IP licensing business model.

Patented CMOS-based photonic technology can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of various light sensing applications, such as time-of-flight (TOF) depth sensing, vital signs monitoring, 3D/2D cameras, and more. ActLight operates in the Internet of Things (IoT) market with a focus on smartphones and wearables, healthcare/medtech, autonomous driving, drones and robotics.

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