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Analysis Of The Performance Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Products

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Carbon fiber is a high-performance structural material, which is currently used in the fields of railway transportation, automobile industry, medical equipment and other fields. The editor of the Be-cu prototype in this article mainly introduces the performance advantages of carbon fiber products.
The traditional metal material aluminum alloy will form a dense oxide film during use, which can be used without surface treatment under normal circumstances, not to mention materials with poor corrosion resistance such as steel. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material that is resistant to chemical media such as acid and alkali, organic solvents, etc. In comparison, carbon fiber products have a longer service life.
The density of carbon fiber materials is very low, about 1.7g/cm3, which is less than 1/4 of steel and 60% of aluminum alloys, so carbon fiber materials have unique advantages in light weight, such as some drone parts, auto parts, etc. Carbon fiber materials can be seen in areas that require weight reduction. While reducing weight, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials are also outstanding, and their tensile strength, bending strength and shear strength are better than most structural materials, meeting the needs of use strength.
The theoretical working temperature of carbon fiber materials can reach 2000 °C, but in practical application, carbon fiber is usually fused with matrix materials such as resin to form carbon fiber composite materials, so the working temperature of carbon fiber products cannot reach that standard, generally at 150 °C, The temperature of thermoplastic carbon fiber products is even higher.
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Analysis Of The Performance Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Products

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What Is Carbon Fiber?Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) (or pitch, viscose) and other organic fibers by carbonization (removal of most elements except carbon) by pyrolysis method under inert gas at high temperature above 1,000 °C. Inorganic polymer fibers with a carbon content of more than 90%.