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Anmou Technology released a new business brand “Core Power” to take the lead in the layout of the intelligent computing industry

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Anmou Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (“Anmou Technology”) held a press conference on the new business brand strategy of “Creating Cores, Empowering the Future”, and released the “two-wheel drive” strategy and the new business brand “Core Power”. The release of the new business brand represents Amou Technology’s strategic layout to lead the development trend of the intelligent computing industry and promote the upgrading of computing architecture. It will rely on “core power” to provide the market with high-performance, customizable independent architecture XPU IP products and services, actively Create a win-win industrial ecology and empower industrial development.

Anmou Technology released a new business brand “Core Power” to take the lead in the layout of the intelligent computing industry

 “Core Power” opens up a new track for XPU intelligent computing

With the explosive development of technologies such as AI, 5G, and IoT, the generation of massive data streams and diversified application scenarios have brought significant development opportunities to the intelligent computing industry. In this process, innovation based on CPU architecture and process improvement has been slowing down, and it has been unable to meet the rapid growth of diversified computing power in new scenarios. The core driving force for computing power improvement is expanding from CPU to NPU, ISP, and VPU. , GPU, etc. as the representative computing unit.

Faced with the requirements of diverse computing power stacking and multiple computing domains in the new era, the next-generation computing domain architecture, the hyperdomain architecture (xDSA), is needed to meet the corresponding requirements and challenges, and to solve fragmentation by taking into account the method of integrating multiple domains ization problem. To this end, Amou Technology officially released the “two-wheel drive” strategy. On the one hand, it continued to promote the localization and ecological development of the Arm CPU architecture; The innovative development of the architecture XPU cooperates with traditional computing IP to provide diversified, customized computing elements that meet the needs of China’s industry and market. The XPU based on the Super Domain Architecture (xDSA) is an open intelligent data stream fusion computing platform. Amou Technology will form different solutions for computing units that process AI, video, images and other functions for different applications to solve massive intelligent data. Stream processing efficiency to meet the diverse needs of customers.

In order to better provide customers with diversified and intelligent overall solutions, Amou Technology integrates the company’s advantageous resources and launches a new business brand “Core Power”. “Core Power” aims to build an open intelligent data flow fusion computing platform, enabling China’s intelligent computing industry to seize new opportunities in the multi-domain architecture computing era. It includes several self-developed XPU product series such as “Zhouyi” NPU, “Shanhai” SPU, “Linglong” ISP and “Linglong” VPU previously released by Amou Technology. Up to now, more than 90 local customer IP authorizations have been achieved, and it is expected that in 2021, customers will ship more than 100 million chips based on “Core Power” XPU products. In the future, “Core Power” will continue to empower Chinese customers and industrial ecology through a wealth of independent architecture XPU products and professional one-stop services, promote China’s local XPU ecological innovation, and establish a global XPU standard benchmark.

Anmou Technology released a new business brand “Core Power” to take the lead in the layout of the intelligent computing industry

The new brand image of “Core Power” was also officially unveiled at this conference. The whole logo resembles a turbine engine, which means that it will continue to provide continuous power for China’s chip industry. In addition, the A element contained in the logo represents the inheritance of the Arm CPU ecology; the X element symbolizes the XPU and the future; and the numerous i elements reflect the innovation, intelligence and Infinity. In addition, the entire logo is also like a pair of open wings, indicating that “core power” will ride the wind and fly high in the era of new computing architecture.

Mr. Wu Xiongang, Executive Chairman and CEO of Arm Technology, said: “Since its establishment in 2018, Arm Technology has comprehensively deployed new businesses for the digital age, focusing on artificial intelligence, CPU, information security, ISP and VPU and other key areas. Carry out local research and development, and realize the rapid implementation of products. Anmou Technology has excellent technical genes, ecological foundation and professional XPU product independent research and development and service capabilities. The release of ‘Core Power’ reflects Anmou Technology’s role in intelligent computing The strategic judgment of the times and the strategic vision to lead the development trend of the industrial structure, as well as our strategic positioning to inherit the past and usher in the future. Inherit is our inheritance of the Arm CPU ecology; Kai is our mission to open a new era of independent architecture XPU. In the future, we will Through ‘Core Power’, we will provide China’s semiconductor industry with the highest quality core computing power XPU products, and make common progress with the industry through ecological co-construction and sharing, and promote the development of China’s intelligent computing industry in the era of multi-domain architecture computing.”

Anmou Technology released a new business brand “Core Power” to take the lead in the layout of the intelligent computing industry

  Open source and open to build XPU global ecology

NPU is the core of next-generation intelligent computing, and undertakes key tasks such as high computing power and real-time perception. In order to solve the problems of ecological fragmentation, repeated investment and limited application scale in the process of NPU customization, on July 15, 2021, Arm Technology and more than 50 industry leading enterprises and institutions jointly initiated the establishment of the “Intelligent Computing Industry Technology Innovation Joint Integrate” (ONIA), announcing the world’s first open source Neural Network Processor Instruction Set Architecture (NPU ISA). This “China’s first, global open source” NPU ISA will gather the resources of the global industry chain, and through an open model, jointly build the ecology, share the results, and promote the NPU ecological construction. ONIA includes representatives of China’s integrated circuit industry, academia, and research. It is expected that by the end of 2021, the number of member units will exceed 100.

In addition, Amou Technology will also support the XPU ecological construction and promote the innovative development of intelligent computing ecology through various means such as technical and capital support. Mr. Wu Xiongang announced the relevant policies to benefit local enterprises and support technological innovation:

1. Provide ONIA members with free authorization of “Zhouyi” NPU;

2. Cooperate with Anchuang accelerator to incubate 10 start-up companies based on open source architecture and XPU.

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