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Application-leading, innovation-driven

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From July 15th to 16th, the China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Conference and IC Application Expo (ICDIA 2021) with the theme of “application-led, innovation-driven” was held in Suzhou. The “8th Automotive Electronics Innovation Forum and 2021 Automotive Chip Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference” jointly organized by China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Alliance and China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance was held at the same time. National Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: National Technology) was invited to participate. At the meeting, together with car manufacturers and parts companies, they conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the “neck” problem of automotive chips and the application of domestic chips in automobiles. At the closed-door meeting of “supply and demand docking”, enterprise representatives from National Technology made a special speech on the topic of “domestic chips help automotive intelligent safety upgrade”.

Application-leading, innovation-driven

Figure 1 The 8th Automotive Electronics Innovation Forum and 2021 Automotive Chip Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference

The Automotive Electronics Innovation Forum released the “Automotive Electronics Chip Innovation Product Catalog (2021)”. The “Catalogue” was compiled by the China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Alliance and a number of professional institutions, and was supported and guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. need. National Technology carried the N32S032 automotive-grade security chip, N32G43 series MCU, N32G45 series MCU and other automotive Electronic chip products and automotive solutions recommended in the “catalog” to participate in the docking roadshow and displayed it, and won the high praise of car manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and parts companies. Approved.

Application-leading, innovation-driven

Figure 2 National Technology Booth in the Automotive Innovation Exhibition Area

Under the trend of intelligence, networking, electrification and sharing in the global automotive industry, the importance of automotive network information security is even more prominent. According to the “Research on Data Security of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles”, an intelligent and connected car will generate about 10TB of data every day, and personal information such as travel trajectories, driving habits, and voice images of drivers and passengers are at risk of being leaked. . At the same time, attackers can remotely attack or control vehicles through the network. In 2020, there will be more than 2.8 million attacks on ICVs worldwide. The current automotive intelligent safety upgrade is imminent.

Focusing on the needs of the automotive market and industrial development trends, National Technology continues to expand the application field, always maintains technological innovation and industrial vitality, and provides SE security chips, MCU chips, BLE Bluetooth chips, 5.8GHz RF chips, security chips for the automotive electronics application market A series of in-vehicle electronic chips and product support, such as cloud platform, help the intelligent safety upgrade of automobiles and escort the “new four modernizations” of automobiles. National Technology SE security chips all support national and international cryptographic algorithms, and are equipped with various symmetric algorithms, asymmetric algorithms, and hash algorithms, which can meet the needs of different password and security application scenarios. In particular, the N32S032 security chip has the national secret level 2 and full financial qualifications, and has obtained EAL5+ high-level security certification and AEC-Q100 Grade 2 vehicle certification at the same time. Its financial-level high security protection capability, ultra-low standby power consumption and rich peripheral interfaces It is suitable for various on-board terminals, and has a very unique competitive advantage in the protection of confidentiality and integrity of ICV information security and the protection of vehicle user privacy.

At present, national technology series security chips have been widely used in T-Box, ETC/OBU, OBD and other in-vehicle devices. The innovatively created N32G series general-purpose safety MCU products have the characteristics of safety, low power consumption, high performance, high reliability, and high integration, and have begun to be implemented in the automotive electronics aftermarket such as body control, automotive lighting, smart cockpit, and automotive power supplies. Import and batch apply.

Application-leading, innovation-driven

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of the application scenario of national technology automotive electronic chips

The in-vehicle electronic application solutions that National Technology participated in this roadshow and displayed include: automotive BMS, charging pile, automotive diagnostic equipment/OBD diagnostic instrument, light source controller, inertial navigation module, in-vehicle entertainment system central control, 360 panoramic driving recorder, new Automotive electronic application solutions such as energy vehicle charging gun, OBU, T-Box, automotive preamplifier, data transmission module, etc., as well as electric vehicle applications such as two-wheeled electric vehicle charging pile control Panel, electric vehicle BMS control panel, and electric vehicle dashboard solution.

Application-leading, innovation-driven

Figure 4 Display of National Technology Vehicle Electronics Application Scheme

About National Technology

National Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 from the national “909” integrated circuit special project and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in 2010 (stock code: 300077). It is a leading enterprise in the field of information security IC design in China, a national high-tech enterprise, and has domestic The first enterprise independent security chip attack and defense technology laboratory, post-doctoral research workstation. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and other places. The main products include: security chips, general security MCUs, trusted computing chips, smart card chips, contactless read-write chips, Bluetooth chips, RCC innovative products, etc., which are widely used in network security certification, electronic banking, electronic licenses, mobile payment and Mobile security, IoT, industrial networking and industrial control, smart home appliances and smart home IoT terminals, consumer electronics, motor drives, battery and energy management, smart meters, medical electronics, automotive electronics, security, biometrics, communications, sensors , machine automation and other application directions.

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