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BYD + Huawei “joint forces”: the world’s first mass-produced 5G car

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One is a leading company in the field of new energy vehicles, and the other is a pioneer in the field of 5G. What kind of sparks will BYD join with Huawei?

Recently, it is reported that the world’s first model equipped with Huawei’s 5G technology has settled in BYD “Han”. BYD’s official exit confirmed the authenticity of the news. BYD announced on its official WeChat account that its new model “Han” will be the world’s first mass-produced model equipped with Huawei’s 5G technology.

BYD said that the Han is the world’s first mass-produced model equipped with Huawei’s 5G technology. Audio-visual entertainment, high-speed experience, empower DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system to bring a new journey of intelligent driving, open a new smart life in the future, and a new proposition for Hanzhiqu life. It is understood that in addition to 5G technology, BYD “Han” will also be the first model equipped with “blade battery”.

As a company that doesn’t build cars, how does Huawei help professional BYD build good cars?

As early as the World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference held in 2019, Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, announced Huawei’s intelligent connected car strategy at the conference. He said: “Huawei does not build cars, and will become a supplier of incremental components in the future. “

As early as a few years ago, there was news that Huawei was going to enter the market to build cars. At the recently held World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference, Huawei’s long-established “Automobile Bureau” also officially surfaced.

At the conference, Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, introduced in detail the most detailed plan and layout of Huawei since the official establishment of the smart car solution BU. He said: “Huawei does not build cars, and will become a supplier of incremental components in the future.”

According to Xu Zhijun’s introduction, Huawei’s future intelligent networked vehicle solutions include intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent electric and intelligent communication. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Build an MDC intelligent driving platform based on Huawei’s Ascend chip, plus an intelligent driving operating system and autonomous driving cloud services. Establish a broad ecosystem through the platform, open cooperation, and promote the intelligent development of the entire automobile industry.

2. Based on Huawei Kirin chip and Hongmeng operating system, combined with intelligent terminal hardware ecology, software ecology, and application ecology, create a smart cockpit platform, and finally build a smart cockpit ecology. I hope that the future smart cockpit hardware can be replaced, applications are constantly updated, and software It can also be continuously upgraded.

3. Build a VDC intelligent electric platform, build a vehicle control operating system by developing an MCU, and open it to all car developers to continuously improve the differentiated user experience and jointly improve the differentiated vehicle control. At the same time, make full use of the scale and device consistency of the energy industry, reduce the cost of electrification, and solve the cost and performance problems of charging, electric drive, and battery management.

4. Through 4G, 5G and V2X technologies, vehicle-road coordination and vehicle-to-vehicle connection can be achieved. Effective management of all connected vehicles is realized through cloud services, and a whole-vehicle connection ecology is built.

In short, Huawei will focus on intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent network connection, intelligent electric and related cloud services, and become an incremental component supplier for intelligent networked automobile enterprises, helping partners to build good cars.

As early as March 2019, BYD and Huawei have launched cooperation in intelligent networked vehicles, and now the results are gradually showing. The “Han” jointly created by Huawei and BYD this time also combines their respective advantages and strengths.

It is reported that BYD “Han” is not only the world’s first mass-produced 5G car equipped with Huawei’s 5G technology, but also the first model equipped with a “blade battery”. The officially calibrated NEDC cruising range can reach 605 kilometers. And in the future, BYD Han will also have two versions of pure electric and dual-mode models.

This car is also a representative product of BYD’s move towards an intelligent and connected car. It uses a number of advanced technologies and concepts to build it. In the vehicle’s audio-visual entertainment system, the DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system will be greatly accelerated. , so that consumers can enjoy it in an instant, reducing the lag and bad experience caused by network delay.

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