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Dialog Introduces SLG47004 GreenPAK, First Fully Configurable Advanced Analog System IC

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The latest GreenPAK family members integrate op amps and digital rheostats to enable unique custom analog IC designs in minutes without the associated one-time engineering expense (NRE).

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November 11, Dialog semiconductor, a leading provider of battery and power management, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and industrial edge computing solutions, today announced the SLG47004, the first advanced analog GreenPAK IC. The device integrates an instrumentation amplifier with automatic trimming, digital potentiometers, analog switches, and a variety of in-system configurable digital functions in a small 3mm x 3mm solution size, allowing design engineers to create in minutes Unique complex analog IC design, and enables simulation and prototyping at a lower cost than solutions implemented with discrete devices.

Similar to other members of the popular GreenPAK family, the SLG47004 is highly customizable, allowing design engineers to easily create numerous new features. For example, the SLG47004 contains a low-offset CMOS op amp with 8MHz bandwidth that can be configured as an instrumentation amplifier. The digital potentiometer can be used to automatically adjust the offset of an analog system or alone as a 10-bit 100kOhm digital rheostat. All of this flexible configurability combines to create a single-chip IC system solution for a cost-effective, energy-efficient complete analog system solution or advanced analog front end (AFE).

“The SLG47004 is the first GreenPAK IC to combine configurable op amp functionality,” said John Mcdonald, vice president of marketing for the Advanced Mixed-Signal Business Unit at Dialog Semiconductor. “Its highly customizable features and integration of multiple functions into a single ultra-small device This new product will accelerate the adoption of GreenPAK by our customers and partners in new applications, and Dialog will launch more new GreenPAK series solutions in the future.”

The SLG47004 is a perfect replacement for designs with programmable gain amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, digital potentiometers and analog switches. Common applications for the SLG47004 include analog interfaces for sensors, AFEs for analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), tunable analog filters, and more. Other potential sensor interface applications include pressure sensors, photodetectors, and force-sensitive button interfaces.

The GreenPAK Designer software package for the SLG47004 enables fast, accurate and complete analog simulation of operational amplifiers, digital potentiometers, analog switches, comparators, and all digital function blocks including some external system components. This helps design engineers simulate circuit nodes inside and outside the IC. Once the design is complete, samples can be easily generated in minutes with the GreenPAK Designer hardware programmer.

Dialog Semiconductor is a leading supplier of standard and custom integrated circuits (ICs) driving IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. Dialog provides market-proven product technologies such as battery and power management, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, flash memory, and configurable mixed-signal ICs to help customers’ products improve power efficiency, reduce charging time, and continuously improve performance and performance. Productivity.

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