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Elegant on the outside, tough on the inside: Next-gen XPS desktops are coming

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Elegant on the outside, tough on the inside: Next-gen XPS desktops are coming

XPS is one of the most attractive brands in the PC industry, renowned for its combination of elegant design and cutting-edge technology. However, XPS devices will always be more meaningful than seeing. Like the new XPS desktop, it is not only nearly 42% larger than its predecessor (from 19 to 27 liters)[1], it also uses a large number of next-generation performance technologies and a more powerful cooling architecture.This all makes it the most powerful XPS desktop computer yet[2].

It’s understated and minimalist hides unparalleled performance, allowing creators, gamers, and any user to flex and have more fun on this sophisticated, powerful PC.

Surging performance

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a proficient gamer, the latest 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors (up to i9K) and the best optional graphics cards on the market give you the freedom to play. 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors can handle creative projects and games with ease, and the optional graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce RTX™ 30 series (up to 3060ti). The new XPS desktops are also equipped with next-generation DDR5 memory that can support more memory than DDR4[3]With 50% faster clock frequency and PCLe 5th generation graphics card, the unbelievable powerful performance is enough to help you smoothly complete every task.


Elegant on the outside, tough on the inside: Next-gen XPS desktops are coming

Caption: The first XPS desktop computer with optional water cooling system[4]

“Water cooling” sees the level of cooling and the last word

Our engineers have meticulously reworked the device’s thermal architecture to maximize performance and reduce noise through improved airflow. The front bezel of the case is designed to draw in cool air, cause it to flow to the rear, and eventually exit the back of the case. It is worth mentioning that the cooling efficiency of the new XPS desktop computer is increased by up to 21% in the running state (with a 125-watt cooling solution); when equipped with a water cooling system, the cooling efficiency in the running state can be further improved by 18% (phase). than the new 125W cooling solution)[5]. Also, the new high-speed fan (up to 5000 rpm) operates more efficiently at lower speeds, making the machine quieter.Overall, the new XPS desktops run with more than 50% lower noise levels than the previous model[6]allowing you to focus on your best performance and get your work done efficiently.


Elegant on the outside, tough on the inside: Next-gen XPS desktops are coming

Photo Caption: It is increasingly expected that Electronic devices can be integrated into the overall home like furniture. There are shades of XPS desktop

Available in two colors and in a versatile, pastel grid pattern, it will coordinate with any furniture.

The exterior of the new XPS desktop computer has been carefully designed to not only be elegant and beautiful, but also to integrate perfectly into any environment, which is a consistent feature of the entire XPS series. Our design team looked at the latest materials and tested a variety of finishes, textures, and colors to make this computer less of a cold and abrupt machine, and more of a native, capable of It blends harmoniously into its surroundings, so our team designed it with unobtrusive access ports and a clean grid pattern. The computer is available in two stylish shades, “Inkstone Black” and all-aluminum “Muse White”. The “Muse White” model is equipped with a pair of aluminum feet, which can add more elegance to the whole machine.


Elegant on the outside, tough on the inside: Next-gen XPS desktops are coming

“Grow” with your pursuit

XPS users are a group of progressive people who are constantly learning, growing, and enriching their skills, always ready for the next challenge. That’s why it’s important for them to have a self-configurable PC that can “grow” as the user’s performance requirements gradually increase. The computer’s tool-less chassis allows you to easily upgrade components such as CPU, GPU, memory, hard drives, and more to keep pace with technological changes.

Creator’s Edition

Whether working in photography, graphic design, music production or other fields, anyone eager to develop their skills in digital content creation can take advantage of the pre-selected configurations offered by the “Creator Edition” models for creative tasks.

Upgrade support

Delivering great entertainment or office equipment doesn’t stop at the hardware level – we complement the Dell customer experience with a wide range of software, support and services.

Dell Technologies provides 24/7 telephone technical support services, automated, proactive, predictive problem detection, and on-site service after remote diagnosis. Click here to learn more about Dell Premium Support Plus and other services.

With the Dell Mobile Connect app, you can seamlessly connect your Dell PC to your smartphone.Both Android and iOS users can use the app to make calls, send text messages, receive notifications on their PC, or cast their phone to use the phone app on their PC, as well as transfer files between their phone and Dell devices[7]. Dell Mobile Connect is available for free download in the Microsoft Store.

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