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Give full play to the enabling effect and build 5G+ smart ports with high standards

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On July 24, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xiao Yaqing and his delegation went to Mawan Port to investigate the 5G smart port project of China Merchants Port Mawan Port.

In order to solve the problems of poor working environment, low operation efficiency and high cost in traditional ports, 11 units including China Merchants Port, China Mobile, and Huawei have realized unmanned card collection, remote control of suspension bridges, intelligent tally, and network connectivity in Mawan Port. Full-scenario 5G applications in smart ports such as man-machine inspection and smart operation have been implemented.

Collaborative operation, the comprehensive operation efficiency of the port is increased by 30%

In terms of unmanned trucks, the combination of 2.6G+4.9G dual-plane networking based on the 5G industry virtual private network and the sinking of UPF to the port area has achieved 30 Mbps high-definition video backhaul for 38 unmanned trucks and bicycles. The bicycle control of about 15ms ensures the accuracy and safety of remote driving operations; at the same time, the use of 5G + Beidou high-precision positioning technology to achieve centimeter-level positioning to ensure the coordinated operation of ordinary trucks and unmanned trucks. The 5G+ unmanned truck effectively reduces the safety risks of workers due to driving fatigue, allowing one person to take care of the abnormal handling of 5 trailers, helping to improve the port’s comprehensive operation efficiency by 30%.

Improve the working environment and help 28% of the cost of intensive equipment renovation

In the remote control room of the port suspension bridge, Minister Xiao Yaqing visited the operation scene of the remote control of the suspension bridge. The remote control personnel can determine the operation through the system and issue control commands, which can realize the remote operation of 1 pair of 3-6 gantry cranes at the console station. Using 5G high-bandwidth and low-latency technology, high-definition cameras are deployed in 26 yard bridges and other port machinery equipment, and 5G is used to transmit back to the central control room, which can meet the network requirements of 16-channel surveillance video return and 30ms for a single gantry crane. The application of 5G technology has replaced the geomagnetic, waveguide and other technologies of traditional terminals, fully solving the problems of high cable laying cost and low transmission efficiency, and helping 28% of the cost of intensive equipment renovation.

The efficiency is increased by 100%, the loading and unloading rate is increased by 20%, and the operation efficiency is increased by 60%

Scenarios such as 5G network-connected drone inspection, 5G smart tally, and 5G port smart operation have also been tested and verified at the port.

In terms of 5G network-connected drone inspection, combined with the vertical coverage capability of the 5G private network and the Hubble No. 1 module, the 5G network connection of drones is truly realized. A single pilot can complete the inspection operation and help port ships. The berthing monitoring, quay crane equipment inspection, yard inspection and other work have improved the inspection efficiency by 100%. In terms of 5G intelligent tally, relying on the 5G high-definition ball machine deployed on the quay crane, the intelligent container operation identification system can obtain video stream information in real time, and use AI to realize automatic identification of container numbers, identification of damage to containers, and identification of placement positions, etc. The rate of loading and unloading ships is 20%. In terms of port smart operation, the massive Internet of Things and monitoring data of the port are uploaded stably and in real time through 5G technology, and the data is kept safe from the port area. The digital twin technology is used to realize the virtual management space. Managers can safely view the port area operation data anytime, anywhere. The efficiency is increased by 60% compared with the original.

The Mawan Smart Port has landed the first commercial 5G industry virtual private network in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and initially built the first 5G smart port in the Greater Bay Area, realizing the application of 5G in all scenarios of the port, and becoming the first “5G+ autonomous driving application demonstration area in the country”. ”, and the overall operation efficiency is increased by 30%. The project won the first prize of the 3rd “Blooming Cup” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The project results, as a Chinese plan for smart ports, are deeply integrated into the layout of 50+ ports around the world, and will be replicated and promoted to Liao Port Group, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Greece, etc. Domestic and foreign ports will further form economies of scale and accelerate the empowerment of 5G in the port industry.

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