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Habana Gaudi processors bring low-cost AI training experience to Amazon EC2 customers

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At the recent re:Invent 2020 CEO theme conference, AWS ec2/instance-types/habana-gaudi/” target=”_self”> announced the adoption of up to 8 Habana® Gaudi® The accelerator’s EC2 instance is 40% more cost-effective than the current GPU EC2 instance in machine learning1based on Gaudi® of EC2 instances are scheduled to be available in the first half of 2021.

During the keynote session, AWS CEO Andy Jassy highlighted the huge need for high-performance, more affordable AI jobs across industries. As the company plans to introduce new EC2 instances featuring Gaudi for deep learning training, AWS will further reduce the cost of training AI datasets and reduce the total cost of operations for customers looking to leverage AI to provide business analytics, improve efficiency, and enhance user experience .

The 8-card Gaudi solution can train a ResNet-50 model on TensorFlow at 12,000 images per second. Each Gaudi processor integrates 32GB of HBM2 memory and integrates the RoCE function for interconnecting processors within the server. Technology with the AWS Elastic Architecture Adapter (EFA) scales across servers, allowing AWS and its customers to seamlessly scale the use of multiple Gaudi-based systems for efficient and scalable distributed training.

Habana’s SynapseAI software suite is designed to provide high-performance deep learning training on Habana Gaudi processors. SynapseAI integrates with popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch to optimize Gaudi. Developers will have access to open Gaudi software, reference models and documentation. The reference model will be publicly released on Habana’s GitHub repository and will include a variety of popular models such as image classification, object detection, natural language processing, and recommender systems. The SynapseAI software suite includes Habana’s graphics compiler and real-time Tensor Processor Core (TPC) kernel libraries, firmware and drivers, as well as development tools such as the TPC SDK and SynapseAI Profiler for custom kernel development. For more information on using new AWS EC2 instances with Gaudi, see our whitepaper.

Habana will launch the next generation TSMC 7nm Gaudi2 based on the current Gaudi performance®allowing AI to train applications and serve a broad range of customers, data scientists and researchers.

To learn more about the advantages of Gaudi AI training, please visit the EC2 instance webpage, and Habana®Introduction to AI training.

  1This price/performance ratio is given by AWS based on AWS internal testing. Habana® Labs does not control or audit third-party data; your costs and results may vary.

Gaudi®Performance based on 8 Gaudi™ processor server, HLS-1 and version 0.11 of the SynapseAI software suite.

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