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Locix uses Imagination’s Ensigma Wi-Fi silicon intellectual property (IP) products for high-performance local positioning

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London, UK and Tokyo, Japan – 17 October 2019 – Imagination Technologies announces that Locix has adopted Imagination Ensigma high performance IEEE 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi baseband and radio frequency (RF) silicon intellectual property in its Locix LPS solution (IP) products. This is a Wi-Fi-based, ultra-accurate and cost-effective local positioning system for both indoor and outdoor environments. Locix, an innovator in spatial intelligence solutions, chose Ensigma for its ease of integration and customization, allowing Locix to create a cost-effective solution that provides high-precision positioning.

Locix LPS is a full-stack solution that precisely locates and tracks Wi-Fi enabled devices such as asset trackers, mobile phones, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in complex real-world indoor environments including warehouses and manufacturing plants , appliances, equipment and users. The solution provides accurate and reliable spatial and location tracking for industrial and commercial environments to increase visibility and increase productivity and efficiency.

Working with the Locix team, the Ensigma team customized its IP to record high-precision Wi-Fi packet arrival and departure times, as well as other key parameters that are used in Locix’s advanced algorithms. This is a key factor in enabling Locix LPS to overcome traditional issues such as absorption, reflection and bandwidth limitations that have plagued alternative solutions, preventing sub-meter accuracy in real-world environments.

Vikram Pavate, CEO of Locix, said: “The dedicated hardware in Ensigma IP, combined with the flexibility of the software it supports, is a perfect fit for our high-performance Wi-Fi solutions. By partnering with a vendor that can provide both baseband and RF, We were able to develop products faster and reduce time-to-market than working with multiple IP vendors. Working with the Ensigma team made the development process easier due to the knowledge and expertise of the Ensigma team.”

At CEATEC 2019, October 15-18 in Tokyo, Japan, Locix will demonstrate its LPS solution at the booth of Murata Manufacturing, a Tier 1 auto parts manufacturer (HALL7 H021) Leading supplier of wireless connectivity modules.

Gerry Conlon, Executive Vice President, Ensigma Product Line, Imagination Technologies, said: “Locix has developed an industry-leading solution that leverages fully custom Ensigma Wi-Fi IP products to solve the problem with high reliability and ease of use. A difficult problem in large-scale logistics. We are delighted to be working with Locix on this enhancement as we believe it will change the way Wi-Fi is used to enable location technology.”

The Ensigma Wi-Fi product family is ideal for customers looking to add connectivity to their system-on-chip (SoC) with field-proven and tape-out IP. Its Wi-Fi portfolio includes complete baseband and RF IP for 802.11ac and 802.11n, and supports multiple popular technology nodes, including TSMC 40LP and GlobalFoundries 22FDX. By enabling both analog RF radio and digital baseband from the same IP vendor, Imagination can provide customers with a seamless, right-first-time solution to reduce the cost of adding integrated Wi-Fi to their IoT devices – Risk of Fi connection function.

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