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Melexis’ new pump/fan driver chip optimizes service life to new heights

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Tysondello, Belgium, 29 October 2021 – Global MicroElectronic engineeringcompany Melexis The MLX90412 product family has been further expanded in response to more challenging customer deployment needs. The latest 2.2A pump/fan driver chip meets the requirements of vehicle regulations, and has been optimized in terms of dealing with high temperature environments and extending service life.

Melexis’ new pump/fan driver chip optimizes service life to new heights

Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company, has introduced the MLX90412GLW, a single-coil pump/fan chip with an integrated driver stage, suitable for applications with higher ambient temperatures, such as automotive water pumps. The MLX90412GLW can drive pumps up to 15W in internal combustion engine (ICE) applications with a maximum operating ambient temperature of up to 135°C. It can drive up to 20W of water pumps within the maximum ambient temperature range of 85°C for electric vehicles (EVs).

The MLX90412GLW can meet increasing service life demands. Up to 15,000 hours of cumulative use in EV applications such as battery cooling.

The single-coil motor driver chip MLX90412GLW dedicated to automobiles has a full range of advanced protection. Hall-sensor-based single-coil water pumps have a well-known start-up reliability.

With the MLX90412GLW, pump manufacturers can realize a comprehensive portfolio of water pump solutions. The MLX90412GLW can be configured with a variety of BLDC commutation options, from sine wave mode (which provides the ideal lowest noise performance for EVs relative to high torque mode) to low EMI mode (for on/off where external EMI filter components need to be minimized) drive mode) and more.

In addition, the MLX90412GLW can not only drive the most basic switch-mode two-wire pump, but also drive the variable-speed pump through the PWM interface, and access the diagnostic feedback of the four-wire pump. three-wire pump.

The MLX90412GLW is more integrated and requires a much lower number of external components than the conventional solutions currently available on the market. The user-friendly GUI supports configuration of all available options for quick prototyping. The entire development phase can be completed without any motor control software, enabling rapid product validation and time-to-market with minimal engineering resources.

“We are proud to be able to provide a versatile one-stop solution for our comprehensive 20W water pump portfolio. The MLX90412GLW is a forward-looking product for challenging lifetime requirements such as battery cooling in electric vehicles ,” said Dirk Leman, product line manager for smart drives at Melexis. “This chip saves space, reduces BOM cost, and shortens development time.”

About Melexis

Combining a passion for technology with inspiring engineering ideas, Melexis designs, develops, and delivers innovative microelectronic solutions that help designers smoothly translate ideas into ideal applications that perfectly fit the needs of the future. Melexis has advanced mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components that address the challenges of integrating sensing, actuation and communication components in next-generation products and systems, not only helping to enhance product and system safety and efficiency, It is also conducive to promoting sustainable development and improving the convenience of use.

Melexis is a global leader in automotive semiconductor sensors, with an average of 13 of our chips in every new vehicle produced worldwide. Leveraging its core experience in automotive electronic components, Melexis is actively expanding its sensor and driver IC product portfolio and addressing a broad range of needs in markets such as smart home appliances, smart homes, industrial and medical applications. Melexis’ sensing solutions include magnetic sensors, MEMS sensors (pressure, TPMS, infrared), sensor interface chips, optoelectronic single point and linear array sensors, and time-of-flight technology. Melexis’ driver IC product line includes advanced DC and BLDC motor control ICs, LED driver ICs and FET pre-driver ICs. At the same time, Melexis has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience to ensure clear and fast communication between components.

Headquartered in Belgium, Melexis employs more than 1,500 people in 18 locations worldwide. The company is listed on Euronext Brussels (MELE).

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