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NXP Announces BlueBox 3.0 Development Platform for Safe Automotive High-Performance Computing

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  News Highlights:

· Compared with the previous generation platform,NXPEmbedded Layerscape processors deliver 2X higher processing performance to meet the demands of new automotive architectures

·S32G processor supportASILClass D functional safety for advanced safety architecture

Eightfold increase in I/O and PCIe ports, enhanced platform connectivity and scalability, and the addition of Kalray MPPA® processor-based PCIe card acceleration to support secure automotive high-performance computing applications

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – January 18, 2020 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) announces BlueBox 3.0, NXP’s flagship secure automotive high-performance computing (AHPC) ) new extended version of the development platform. Designed for software application development and verification before chip devices are ready, BlueBox 3.0 provides a flexible way to address user-defined vehicles, safety Level 2+ (L2+) autonomous driving, and evolving vehicle architectures that will drive The connected car revolution. Heterogeneous acceleration is achieved by combining centralized compute modules, securely integrated high-performance NXP processors, extended I/O connectivity, and Kalray MPPA processor-based PCIe card expansion; BlueBox 3.0 provides designers with the ability to accelerate Solutions for system development cycles and speed to market.

The focus of automakers has shifted from the challenge of fully autonomous vehicles to the immediate use of computing power to create differentiated vehicles. User-defined cars allow consumers to add new functionality to today’s smart, connected devices. NXP BlueBox 3.0 provides a rich development foundation to help designers deal with differentiation, safe L2+ autonomous driving mass production and related automotive network architectures.

Arnaud VanDenBossche, Director of Global Product Marketing, eCockpit and ADAS, Automotive Processors Business at NXP, said: “The use of user-defined vehicles to meet more complex requirements is an important driver in the evolution of automotive architectures towards functional domain architectures. Domain architectures will provide Automotive HPC provides a server-style approach. NXP BlueBox 3.0 provides an innovative design foundation for these new automotive network architectures, enabling faster deployment.”

By leveraging NXP’s 16-core LayerscapeLX2160A processor, BlueBox 3.0 delivers twice the processing performance of the previous generation BlueBox. The increased performance, coupled with expanded I/O interfaces, greatly enhances the intelligence and connectivity of new vehicle architectures. In addition, processing power can be used for mmWave radar, vision and lidar signal processing for advanced sensor fusion applications, as well as perception, decision prediction and path planning. Kalray Coolidge™ MPPA™ (Massively Parallel Processor Array) processors, providing scaling options for artificial intelligence and machine learning acceleration.

NXP’s BlueBox 3.0 platform integrates NXP’s S32G processor to provide secure automotive networking, reliable security processing, and system-level ASILD compliance checking. Leveraging its long-standing experience in the safety field, NXP has spearheaded a high-performance computing initiative for safe vehicles, designed to leverage the combined efforts of a close-knit ecosystem of partners to support system designers. BlueBox is the central processing and connectivity hub at the heart of the program.

NXP and Kalray have worked closely together to launch the BlueBox3.0 software development environment (SDE) that integrates Kalray MPPA® processors. The collaboration provides a common hardware and software platform for creating secure, reliable and scalable AHPC solutions. In addition to Kalray, BlueBox 3.0 will be supported by a strong ecosystem of partners that can help engineers achieve rapid development. NXP’s BlueBox3.0 partners include: dSPACE, Embotech, EdgeCaseResearch (ECR), eProsima, GreenHillsSoftware (GHS), Intempora, MicronTechnology, MicroSys, Real-TImeInnovaTIons (RTI) and Teraki to help engineers get to market faster.

  Advantages developers can get from BlueBox 3.0

A flexible and extensible platform that allows designers to extend the performance and scope of their designs.

With rich on-board I/O connectivity, designers can easily add or change mmWave radar, vision, and lidar sensor capabilities.

Leverage the integration and support available in BlueBox 3.0 SDE, as well as NXP’s eIQAuto machine learning toolkit, to improve performance on accelerator solutions (e.g. KalrayCoolidgee™MPPA®)

Continuing the consistent development path on BlueBox 2.0, coupled with scalable processing power and software compatibility, enables designers to create system designs for a variety of user-defined applications and vehicles, and keep them updated.

 supplying time

BlueBox 3.0 has begun to supply approved customers. All new orders will be reviewed before shipping.

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