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PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)

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Powerint’s DER322 reference design uses the LinkSwitch-PL series LNK460VG device, which is the industry’s first LED driver that can replace 100W A19 incandescent lamps. It uses a single-layer PCB and features low cost, few components, and small size. The efficiency at 230VAC is greater than 93 %, PF greater than 0.9, 230 VAC; THD less than 20% at 78 V LED, integrated package protection and reliability features, automatic recovery from thermal shutdown. This article introduces the LinkSwitch-PL series product highlights, block diagram, typical application circuit and main features and specifications of the DER322 reference design, circuit diagram, bill of materials and PCB layout.

The LinkSwitch-PL family enables a very small and low cost single-stage power factor corrected constant current driver for solid state lighting. Optimized for direct LED current sensing, the LinkSwitch-PL operates over a wide input voltage range delivering an output power of up to 16 W. The LinkSwitch-PL control algorithm provides flicker-free TRIAC dimming with minimal external components.

Each device incorporates a 725 V rated power MOSFET, a novel discontinuous mode variable frequency variable on-time controller, frequency jitter, cycle by cycle current limit and hysteretic thermal shutdown in a monolithic 4-pin IC, available in SO-8C, eSOP- 12, and eDIP-12 packages.

LinkSwitch-PL series product highlights:

Dramatically Simplifies Off-line LED Drivers

• Flicker-free phase-controlled TRIAC dimming

• Single stage power factor correction and accurate constant current (CC) output

• Very low component count with small non-electrolytic bulk capacitor for compact replacement lamp designs

• Compact SO8, eSOP, and eDIP packages

• Completely eliminates control loop compensation

Advanced Performance Features

• Optimized for non-isolated flyback designs

• Frequency jitter greatly reduces EMI filter size and costs

• Low dissipation direct sensing of LED current

Advanced Protection and Safety Features

• Cycle skipping regulation for abnormally low output power to clamp peak output current delivered

• 725 V integrated power MOSFET allows small bulk capacitance and maximizes power capability

• Short-circuit, overload, open feedback and output overvoltage protection

• Hysteretic thermal shutdown

• Meets high-voltage creepage between DRAIN and all other pins both on PCB and at package

EcoSmart™ – Energy Efficient

• High power factor optimizes system lumen per input VA

• Control algorithm balances switching and conduction losses over line and load to maintain optimum efficiency
PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)
figure 1. LinkSwitch-PL series functional block diagram
PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)
figure 2. Typical application circuit diagram of LinkSwitch-PL series
PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)
image 3.5W 15V LED Driver Circuit Diagram for Alternative A19 Incandescent Lamp Using LinkSwitch-PL Series

DER322 Reference Design

High Efficiency (>93%), High Power Factor(>0.9), 18 W Output Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver Using LinkSwitchTM-PL LNK460VG

The document describes a non-isolated, high efficiency, high power factor (PF) LED driver designed to drive a nominal LED string voltage of 78 V at 230 mA from an input voltage range of 195 VAC to 265 VAC (47 Hz – 63 Hz ). The LED driver utilizes the LNK460VG from the LinkSwitch-PL family of ICs.

The topology used is a single-stage non-isolated buck that meets the stringent space and efficiency requirements for this design. LinkSwitch-PL based designs provide high power factor (>0.9) meeting international requirements.

This document contains the LED driver specification, schematic, PCB details, bill of materials, transformer documentation and typical performance characteristics.

Main features of the DER322 reference design:

 Single-stage power factor correction combined with constant current (CC) output

 Low cost, low component count, small size and single-sided PCB

 Highly energy efficient, >93% at 230 VAC input for 78 V LED Load

 Integrated protection and reliability features

 Single shot no-load protection / output short-circuit protected with auto-recovery

 Auto-recovering thermal shutdown with large hysteresis protects both components and PCB

 No damage during brown-out conditions

 PF >0.9 at 230 VAC

 % ATHD <20% at 230 VAC; 78 V LED

 Meets IEC ring wave, differential line surge and EN55015 conducted EMI

PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)
PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)
Figure 4. DER322 Reference Design Outline Drawings: Top: Top View, Bottom: Bottom View

DER322 reference design power supply specifications:
PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)
PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)
Figure 5. DER322 Reference Design Circuit Diagram

DER322 Reference Design Bill of Materials (BOM):
PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)

PowerintLNK460VG100WA19LED lamp power solution (DER322)

Image 6. DER322 reference design PCB layout (53.5 mm x 19.6 mm): top: top layer; bottom: bottom layer
For details, see:

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