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RSA 2020 Conference: Intel Emphasizes Security as Data-Centric Cornerstone

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At Intel Security Days during the 2020 RSA Conference, Intel highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to security and announced several developments, including details on security features on future products. At Intel, security is a fundamental and fundamental element across all aspects of architecture, design and execution. In this data-centric world, Intel is working with customers and partners to build a more trusted computing cornerstone.


“Hardware is the cornerstone of any security solution. Just as physical structures need to be built on a foundation to withstand the forces of nature, security solutions rooted in hardware are most likely to provide security against current and future threats.” Intel Customer Tom Garrison, vice president and general manager of security strategy and programs, said, “Intel hardware and the security and technology it brings help build a layer of defense against attacks.”

Intel customers rely on the breadth and depth of silicon technology, vertical integration, and substantial edge-to-cloud coverage when building solutions and services. Intel’s mission is to provide common security capabilities across all architectures to help solve the ever-increasing complexity of the user experience.

Whether at rest or in motion, data must be protected. Data protection is key to extracting value from data while delivering uncompromised performance. There will be more architectural progress in the next 10 years than in the past 50 years.

“Intel is uniquely positioned in the industry to create and deliver truly innovative security technologies spanning every aspect of architecture, memory and interconnect,” said John Sell, Intel Fellow and Director of Intel Security Architecture and Technology.

Data Platform Protection

As data-intensive computing needs grow, we need to balance deployment scalability and data protection levels. To meet customer challenges, new confidential computing capabilities on future data center platforms are expected to provide both scale and choice:

Application isolation helps protect data in use with a very narrow attack surface. Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) are already deployed in production data centers and solutions, and will be extended to a wider range of mainstream data center platforms, with the potential to expand protection, extend protection to accelerators, and optimize performance. The number of use cases that can take advantage of these advanced application isolation capabilities will further increase.

Virtual machine and container isolation helps provide protection within virtual environments, isolating virtual environments from each other and from hypervisors and cloud providers, without changing application code in the process.

Full-memory encryption can provide hardware encryption that is completely transparent to the operating system and software layers, helping to better protect against physical memory attacks.

Intel® Platform Firmware Resilience (Intel® Platform Firmware Resilience) is an Intel FPGA-based solution that helps protect firmware components of various platforms by monitoring and filtering malicious traffic on the system bus. It also verifies the integrity of the platform firmware image before executing any firmware code and can restore corrupted firmware to a known good state. Combined with other trusted boot technologies on the new platform, Intel continues to provide more tools to enhance defenses against attacks, helping to provide a more trusted foundation for modern cloud and enterprise deployments.

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