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Seminar on Private Computing Empowering Digital Transformation Successfully Held in Shanghai

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In order to further promote the innovative development and application of privacy computing technology and empower the digital transformation of Shanghai, on March 31, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as “” China Academy of Information and Communications Technology”) East China Branch, together with the Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and the Privacy Computing Alliance, held the “Privacy Computing Empowering Digital Transformation Seminar” in Shanghai, inviting experts from various fields of government, industry, academia and research to focus on privacy The application value of computing in the fields of data compliance and circulation, data value mining, data governance and security assurance is discussed in depth.

The seminar was chaired by Zhang Xueli, Dean of East China Branch of CAICT. She said that urban digital transformation is a major strategic deployment related to Shanghai’s long-term development. Privacy computing, as a key digital technology that is booming, will play an important role in the process of urban digital transformation.

Chen Feifei, deputy director of the Information Promotion Division of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, pointed out in his speech that comprehensively promoting digital transformation is a key move for Shanghai to shape the city’s core competitiveness in the future. The Opinions on the Digital Transformation of Shanghai’s Cities” clearly states that the basic framework of a data-driven digital city should be built, and the efficient circulation and innovative application of data elements must be based on the premise of fully guaranteeing data security and privacy, which requires adherence to the “technology + system” “Two-wheel drive, while accelerating the improvement of digital rules, it actively explores the application of technologies such as privacy computing in the digital transformation of cities.

In the theme sharing session, Yan Shu, deputy director of the Big Data and Blockchain Department of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, reported the latest research on the development status and trends of privacy computing. Yan Shu focused on the relevant work of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, CAICT in the privacy computing standard system, functional performance testing and the Privacy Computing Alliance. At present, the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data has completed more than 60 tests related to privacy computing products, and has become a widely recognized brand of privacy computing evaluation in the industry. Combined with the evaluation results, Yan Shu also shared the trend observations of the privacy computing industry in terms of product form, development mode, technology integration, and compliance.

Lai Xuejia, a professor at the School of Cyber ​​Security, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, shared the development of cryptography and privacy computing technology, introduced the cryptographic foundation involved in privacy computing, and believed that privacy computing is an important means to solve the problem of privacy abuse.

Zhang Weiqi, CEO of Fushu Technology, delivered a speech on “Building a Digital Base for Privacy Protection and Data Security to Help Digital Transformation”, and introduced the development process of Fushu Technology’s “Bridge-Interaction”, “Networking-Ecology” and its development in the fields of finance and other fields. landing case.

Luo Zhen, CEO of Yifang Jianshu, introduced the self-developed XDP Yishufang platform, which is based on different trust assumption scenarios and supports a variety of secure computing methods. Luo Zhen listed a number of private computing implementation projects constructed by Yifang Jianshu, such as city-level health care big data application open platform, service park and industrial data intelligence application open platform, etc., and put forward suggestions on the digital transformation of Shanghai city.

Yuan Pengcheng, a senior technical expert of Ant Technology, believes that privacy computing is a collection of technical environment, basic technology and application technology, and focuses on the application cases of ant privacy computing technology in various scenarios. Yuan Pengcheng also proposed development trends such as establishing a data value sharing network based on privacy protection, lowering the threshold for technology use, and realizing perfect security standards and security classifications.

Ren Weihe, the strategic director of Huakong Clearing and Communications, pointed out that data circulation is the key to the development of the digital economy and digital transformation, and the digital transformation of Shanghai requires first-class data circulation infrastructure. Huakong Clearing Co., Ltd. actively promotes data elementization and safe and efficient flow with a new data concept, introduces its benchmarking application practice in the fields of government affairs and finance, and expresses its willingness to work with the industry to empower the ecology and jointly promote Shanghai’s digital transformation. .

Xia Fubiao, senior researcher of Matrix Yuan, shared his own application practices in the fields of public security, finance, medical care, etc., respectively, and shared cases on their own application practices such as anti-fraud, joint marketing, and scientific research collaboration. A brief sharing was made on the back-end technology research and development feedback on some experiences in the actual business promotion process.

In the roundtable discussion session, the experts expressed their opinions and exchanged freely, and further provided constructive and creative opinions on the data challenges faced by the current digital transformation of cities.

At present, digitalization is changing human society with an irreversible trend. Data has become a key factor of production. The central government has clearly proposed to unswervingly build a “digital China”. Shanghai has also entered a new stage of comprehensively promoting the digital transformation of the city, striving to become a world-renowned The international digital capital of power. At the same time, the awareness of data rights protection is awakening, and data security, data ownership and personal privacy protection have received widespread attention from all walks of life. To fully release digital dividends, both development and security must be taken into account. data flow application environment. Privacy computing featuring “available and invisible data” is a powerful weapon to realize data value mining before privacy protection. Government, industry, academia, and research circles can organically and efficiently collaborate to jointly open a new chapter of data value creation. .


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