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STMicroelectronics Adds Wireless Communication Capabilities to Smart Metering Chipsets

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The development of society is inseparable from the promotion of smart devices. STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE: STM), the world’s leading semiconductor supplier across multiple Electronic applications, is driving the intelligence of cities and industrial infrastructures process, integrating both powerline and wireless communication technologies within its market-proven smart metering chipset.

The STMicroelectronics ST8500 Power Line Communication (PLC) chipset, widely used in many smart meters, now combines the advantages of both wired and wireless connectivity technologies, allowing smart meters to communicate with existing power lines or radio frequency (RF) radio waves. Data acquisition device communication.

For situations where PLCs cannot be used due to power line noise issues or due to local regulations, equipment manufacturers can now use the ST8500 to quickly and efficiently implement wireless and PLC communication capabilities. In addition, the built-in RF capability allows device designers to use the ST8500 to develop other smart devices (such as smart gas meters, smart water meters, environmental monitors, lighting controllers, and industrial sensors), taking full advantage of the ST8500’s high level of integration and ease of use .

ADD Grup, a European smart metering solutions company, is the first to release a new PLC/wireless hybrid metering product based on this upgraded chipset. Ruslan Casico, Head of Sales and Marketing at ADD Grup, said: “With wireless support now fully integrated into the ST8500 firmware, ST’s chipset is the ideal platform for us to improve the network performance, reliability, capacity and scalability of our innovative electricity meter. New product The PLC/wireless hybrid communication capabilities have helped us win important metering projects in EMEA, Russia and Asia.”

Domenico Arrigo, general manager of STMicroelectronics’ Industrial and Power Conversion Division, added: “ADD Grup is the first to deploy our chipsets in next-generation smart meters. By supporting RF as well as market-leading PLC protocols, our market-proven chipsets allow Global smart cities and industry infrastructure can unlock even greater potential to conserve the planet’s resources and improve control automation and energy efficiency.”

STMicroelectronics will showcase the ST8500 chipset and customer-developed solutions for smart meters, smart homes, smart buildings and smart infrastructure at Smart Energy & Utilities Europe from November 12-14 in Paris (Booth J160). The above is the introduction of the new wireless communication function of STMicroelectronics smart meter chipset, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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