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The “Net Net” centralized operation is launched! 6 departments work together to rectify harmful information on the Internet

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Recently, the National Working Group on “Crackdown on Pornography and Illegals” has made arrangements for the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the State Administration of Radio and Television to carry out a “clean network” from now until before the National Day. “Concentrate actions to specifically rectify harmful information and bad content on the Internet.

The National Office of “Crackdown on Pornography and Illegals” pointed out that the “cleaning up the Internet” centralized operation will be carried out by the relevant central departments according to the supervision responsibilities and the division of tasks. Harmful information related to Africa and vulgarity, and in-depth cleaning of online content that is contrary to the core socialist values. According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, the “Crackdown on Pornography and Illegals” department has organized special campaigns such as “Cleaning the Net 2021”, deepening the inspection work in the fields of webcasting, social networking, forum communities, web comics, etc., and achieved phased results. As of the end of May, the regulatory authorities have dealt with more than 1.55 million pieces of harmful information on the Internet, banned and closed more than 6,400 illegal websites, and investigated and handled 960 cases of “anti-pornography and illegal activities” on the Internet. Listed to supervise the handling of 70 major Internet-related cases.

The National “Crackdown on Pornography and Illegals” announced the first batch of typical cases investigated and handled by the “Cleaning the Internet 2021” special action.

——An investigation into the case of a gang using the WeChat public account to spread pornographic materials for profit. In March this year, according to reports from the masses, the Guannan County Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate. The police went to 5 provinces and cities to simultaneously collect the Internet, and successfully destroyed a criminal gang that used the WeChat official account to spread obscene materials for profit, arrested 18 criminal suspects, seized more than 200 obscene Electronic books and periodicals, and shut down more than 3,000 illegal WeChat official accounts. Since 2020, the gang has illegally diverted traffic by spreading rumors such as “epidemic subsidies”, “holiday subsidies” and “Haidilao red envelopes” to guide netizens to pay attention to the WeChat public account it controls, and then spread obscene and pornographic novels through the WeChat public account to induce users to recharge For illegal profit-making, the amount involved is more than 20 million yuan.

——Shanghai investigated and handled the “8.31” case of disseminating pornographic materials for profit. In August last year, the Shanghai police quickly set up a special task force to investigate the situation that several apps named “Lu X” and “Jue X” could be downloaded to watch pornographic short videos. After investigation, the suspects Huang Mou, Guo Mou and others have conspired to develop pornographic apps and websites since June 2019, recruited technical teams in many places, developed and launched a variety of pornographic software, and stored many obscene videos on overseas resource servers. more than 100,000 units. The police have arrested 13 suspects in accordance with the law, closed 6 pornographic apps, and seized more than 7 million yuan in illegal funds.

——Shandong Laixi investigated the case of He Mou and others using pornographic live broadcast platforms to spread pornographic materials for profit. In January this year, the public security organs of Laixi City, Qingdao cracked the case. After investigation, 12 women including Jiang Mou and Zhang Moumou have registered accounts on several live broadcast platforms such as “Pansidong” and “Tear Night”, and live broadcast at the price of 1 to 2 yuan per minute, and perform obscene performances, Illegal profit-making by naked chatting and other means. The online live broadcast gang has more than 10,000 registered members and has a capital flow of more than 1 million yuan. The public security organs arrested 14 people including He Mou, the main suspect.

——Hunan Suining investigated and handled the “11.10” case of disseminating pornographic materials for profit. The Suining County Public Security Bureau filed a case for investigation on the clues reported by the masses that the “eggplant short video app is suspected of spreading obscene materials for profit”. In February this year, 38 people were arrested. After investigation, the “Eggplant Short Video” app was created and operated by an overseas company, with 1,084 registered pornographic anchors and more than 30 “family heads” on the platform, with a revenue of nearly 1 billion yuan and a net profit of more than 270 million yuan. The public security organs investigated and punished 4 domestic companies that provided payment services for the pornographic platform, arrested 40 criminal suspects, and recovered more than 17 million yuan of illegal income.

——Hubei Macheng investigated and handled the “8.06” case of using pornographic apps to help information and cybercrime activities. The Macheng Public Security Bureau received a report that there was an app posing as a short video to engage in illegal activities such as pornography and gambling. The task force carried out network collection in many places, arrested 7 criminal suspects, and seized more than 3 million yuan of frozen funds. After investigation, the criminal suspect Zhang Mou, together with registered companies such as Jia Mou, Ma Mou, Liu Mou, contacted and helped a number of overseas gambling, pornographic platforms and fraudulent gangs to settle payment and make profits. At present, 5 people have been arrested, 2 people have been detained, and the case is under further investigation.

——The case of Zhang Moumou suspected of spreading pornographic materials for profit was investigated in Wuxi, Jiangsu. In February of this year, the Liangxi Branch of the Wuxi Public Security Bureau checked the clues and found that Zhang Moumou had opened a website to publish a large number of Chinese-made overseas pornographic animation games, and made profits by recharging members to exchange points for games. On April 20, the public security organs arrested him and seized more than 100 foreign pornographic animation games. After investigation, Zhang Moumou built the “Wish House Mall” website on the Internet, and organized 22 translators to Chineseize foreign pornographic animation games, and published the Chineseized games on the website for members to recharge and download. The website has a total of 6,507 registered members, who have recharged more than 1.4 million yuan, and released 170 overseas pornographic animation games on the website, with more than 70,000 downloads.

——Fujian Jianou closed the case of Cai Moumou and others spreading pornographic materials for profit. The public security organ of Jianou City cracked the case and found out that the criminal suspect Cai Moumou, together with Xu Moumou and Luo Moumou, watched an obscene video on the Internet platform called “Rukey” through the Internet, and posted the platform link in the WeChat group , to guide netizens to watch obscene videos and obtain agency fees returned by the platform; at the same time, they use WeChat to sell obscene videos at prices ranging from 4 to 10 yuan for profit.

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