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ViewSonic VX2778-2K-HD-2 monitor wins 2021 Black Gold Award

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Recently, the winners of the 2021 Black Gold Entertainment Hardware Awards were announced. The ViewSonic VX2778-2K-HD-2 monitor, with its wide viewing angle and high-definition Display, won the meaningful 2021 Black Gold Award for its unique advantages.

As one of the most authoritative hardware awards in the industry, the Black Gold Award is the official award of the China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) and the International Smart Entertainment Hardware Exhibition (eSmart). Hosted by the technology portal Zhongguancun Online, the award is famous for its strict awarding mechanism and strict awarding standards.

The VX2778-2K-HD-2, which adopts the concept of one-piece full-plane, breaks through the previous design. The appearance design of the three-sided micro-frame makes the frame and the screen level the same. The design without gaps and drop is suitable for splicing with multiple monitors. The image space extends outwards, allowing users with multi-monitor practical operation requirements to enjoy a comfortable and broad immersive visual experience; the black and silver body perfectly integrates with different application scenarios such as home and office, and the mirror surface technology of the base , full of movement, showing the new fashion elements of the urban era.

In terms of Display, ViewSonic VX2778-2K-HD-2 is also excellent. It has a 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440. Compared with a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display, it can provide users with higher-definition picture quality and more delicate Visual effects, help users to enhance a larger working space; equipped with ViewSonic Super Clear IPS hard screen wide viewing angle technology, the viewing angle can reach 178 degrees, multi-angle viewing, can show high-quality picture quality; equipped with anti-blue light function And ViewSonic’s ViewCare zero-flicker technology, which can greatly relieve the user’s visual fatigue when facing the display interface for a long time, especially for gamers who are in the game state, when they pay attention to the dark screen for a long time, they can obtain better eye protection effect. .

At the same time, ViewSonic VX2778-2K-HD-2 has set a more intimate user configuration. It is equipped with HDMI and DP dual interface configuration, which enriches and connects the most diverse video devices. It can completely correspond to computers, set-top boxes, Blu-ray recorders, high-definition The high-quality digital camera is linked with the next-generation game console, infinitely expanding image possibilities, truly delivering QHD ultra-high-definition image quality, and audio output interface, obtaining dual enjoyment of image quality and sound quality, allowing desktop images to fully meet the multi-directional needs of life, work and entertainment. , wonderfully connected to the vast audio-visual world; built-in ECO energy-saving mode, LED green environmental protection supports energy-saving automatic shutdown function, using WLED technology, environmental protection and energy saving while greatly reducing harmful radiation to the human body, allowing users to enjoy carefree gaming fun .

Looking back at the past, ViewSonic’s display products have performed well, providing consumers with an extremely rich selection of scene applications. In the future, ViewSonic will also live up to expectations, and will launch more innovative displays, open up new fields of the industry, and unremittingly help users unleash their creativity, while maximizing their productivity and helping every user obtain the ultimate visual experience.

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