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Weisheng Technology: Multi-point flowering based on gas sensors

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Editor’s note: On September 23-25, 2020, the SensorChina2020 exhibition was held in Shanghai. In this special year, many domestic local sensor manufacturers have become the protagonists of this exhibition. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the development trend of these local companies in the sensor field, Ms. Cao Lanlan, manager of the overseas business department of Zhengzhou Weisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Weisheng Technology is affiliated to Hanwei Group. Weisheng Electronics’ sensor business is an important part of the entire industrial chain from sensors to smart meters to systems. In 2020, the sensor business segment of the entire Hanwei Group maintained a relatively good growth rate, and the growth of epidemic-related products including traditional fields basically met the group’s expectations.

Weisheng Technology: Multi-point flowering based on gas sensors

Reporter: Gas detection is the basic technology of your company. Could you please introduce the specific application of this sensor product?

Cao Lanlan: The sensor business of Hanwei Group operates independently under the brand of Weisheng Technology. Weisheng Technology started with the research and development and production of gas sensors.

Gas sensors include various types of sensors, including safety, security, and environmental protection, as well as those used in the medical field, such as forehead thermometers, ventilators, and more. Of course, it also includes other health fields, including current consumer electronics, and there will also be products from other sectors that are used in the Bluetooth headsets we are doing now. These projects are products in different fields.

At present, Weisheng Technology’s sensor business is mainly based on gas detection as a whole, and also includes a series of product sensor categories such as other pressure, flow, infrared, etc., forming a relatively complete sensor product layout.

Reporter: 2020 is a special year. Although the overall market is adversely affected by the epidemic, the medical sensor market is on the rise. May I ask about the development of your company’s sensor business performance this year.

Cao Lanlan: Weisheng Technology’s sensor business segment is divided into two parts, one domestic market and one foreign market. Overall, they have maintained a relatively good upward momentum. The specific data depends on the information in the company’s annual report. For listed companies, the final disclosed data shall prevail.

Reporter: In the first half of this year, the epidemic has driven the development of the medical sensor business to be relatively good. What will the situation in the second half of the year be like?

Cao Lanlan: In fact, it means that the development forecast in the post-epidemic era. In the first half of the year, Weisheng Technology responded well to the sudden changes in the market, and the product structure and supply chain resource allocation were optimized. At the same time, with the support of the group company, Weisheng Technology Co., Ltd. Sheng Technology’s sensor products will enter more new application fields next.

For example, MEMS products to be planned in the future, water quality, infrared detection, etc. Taking the infrared detection sensor as an example, Weisheng Technology has been making layout and laying the groundwork. The emergence of the epidemic has suddenly led to an explosive growth of this product. Next, Weisheng Technology will focus on opening up the sensor industry chain, integrating related technologies, products, Services and application solutions will be better and stronger.

Reporter: You just said that the sensor of the entire Hanwei Group is mainly from Weisheng. What is the overall scale of this sensor, including revenue? What is the proportion of Weisheng sensor in the whole group of Hanwei?

Cao Lanlan: Generally speaking, Weishengye’s technology business sector is still a relatively large business sector in Hanwei Group, and it is also the core basic business of the entire group. All other products are based on sensors.

The sensor products of Weisheng Technology are in a leading position in the domestic market. For example, the proportion of gas sensors can reach 70% or even 80%, and the market share is relatively large.

Reporter: I pay more attention to automotive applications. Are there any applications in the automotive field?

Cao Lanlan: Products in the automotive field are currently being promoted in the market for smoke testing, flammable and explosive testing, front-loading, and rear-loading. In the future, as the automotive market matures, more A series of products such as MEMS are also under normal design, including improvement and promotion. Our show will also have a show about automotive electronics.

Reporter: Is your company’s main product still gas sensors?

Cao Lanlan: It should be said that the main product started with gas. Now with the development of the entire business and the addition of product lines, the market share of products such as infrared detection, pressure and flow is also increasing year by year.

Reporter: Which sensors will have more application scenarios in the second half of the year?

Cao Lanlan: We have a wide variety of products, so we have been saying that sometimes we face a lot of sudden changes in the market. We are not too afraid. Only in the second half of the year, including next year and the year after, we may focus on the sensors. The first product that everyone is very familiar with is miniaturization, low power consumption, and intelligence. It is a MEMS product. Our application is relatively complete, including consumer electronics, environmental protection, health, and security. We will make this product in the future. Refinement, marketization and mass production are the key tasks in the future. Another important aspect of our future is how to package products as a systematic solution to provide customers with more types of products.

Reporter: Since the beginning of this year, the external environment has fluctuated greatly due to political reasons. Do you think this external environment will have any impact on you?

Cao Lanlan: I think it has an impact, but the impact is not particularly large. First of all, our products, especially in foreign markets, should be very old. For 10 or 20 years, foreign customers have a certain degree of recognition of our brand, and there is another product that meets customer requirements in terms of overall performance. We are also very supportive. I am confident, many products are made in China and abroad, but our product is technically speaking, from a simple application, from foreigners, they have this hope that it can be easily operated, because of cost reduction, this product is a foreign product from other countries. Our products cannot be compared, we have our own advantages, it can be said that they have to choose such a degree. So the external environment will have an impact, but it may be within our controllable range.

Reporter: Could you briefly summarize the competitiveness of Weisheng Technology and is cost control an important factor?

Cao Lanlan: The competitiveness of Weisheng Technology’s sensor products may be reflected in several aspects. The first is to affirm that the domestic cost is lower than the foreign cost; the second is the scale effect of mass production. As more and more mass-produced products are produced, it may be There will be advantages in purchasing raw materials. Slowly, with the increase of products, many automated equipment will be added. The automation consistency of products will be better, and products will be improved. The last point is continuous technological innovation. Doing the best product can get a higher profit.

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