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What is the role of dust particle counters in hospital clean rooms

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In recent years, many hospitals in China have newly built and renovated operating clean rooms, adding or renovating the original clean room systems, improving the cleanliness of operating rooms, reducing infection rates, and improving curative effects. This is the product of China’s economic development and scientific and technological progress, which has continuously improved the level of medical and health care.

With the development of medical and health services, clean technology is more and more widely used in the medical environment, and its technical requirements are getting higher and higher. The clean rooms used in medical treatment are mainly divided into three categories: clean operating rooms, clean nursing wards and clean laboratories. The reason for using a clean room is to prevent the dust in the hospital air from carrying bacteria and to create a sterile environment.

Many hospitals have problems with indoor air quality, for example, staff carry some infectious agents themselves, such as tuberculosis, rubella (measles) and influenza. These pathogens are often present in the environment and can compromise patients with compromised immune systems. Common organisms include Aspergillus fumigatus (a common mold), among others.


If indoor air quality is not properly monitored and managed, hospital stays for patients will be prolonged and hospital costs will increase. ? More importantly, it poses unnecessary risks to patients and medical staff. In highly sensitive healthcare settings, where infectious and highly sensitive patients are treated, it is critical to minimize the potential for infection and disease transmission. Solid particles such as dust in the air and liquid particles such as droplets are the primary vectors for the spread of disease pathogens.

At this time, dust particle counters can help hospital staff and industrial hygiene technicians detect rising particle concentrations, determine the root cause, and take timely measures to stop the infection route or reduce the probability of infection.

Finally, Xiaobian reminds everyone that a particle concentration baseline in a specific space can be established before using a dust particle counter. Check that dust particle concentration levels are off baseline or at “normal” levels. Early detection of potential hazards, such as changes in operating procedures? Equipment failure? Lack of maintenance, or the building area is not effectively isolated from the patient area. Particle concentrations were measured after modification to ensure the effectiveness of remedial measures.

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