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Where Is activated Carbon Fiber Superior To Activated Carbon?

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activated carbon fiberIt is a high-tech product made of carbon fiber. It is a kind of microporous carbon fiber. It began to develop rapidly as early as the 1970s and has now fully entered into industrial production. Activated carbon fibers are mainly used to purify the environment, absorb toxic substances and recover organic compounds. Some people will confuse activated carbon and activated carbon fiber. In fact, they are different substances. This article will tell you how activated carbon fiber is superior to activated carbon.
1. The adsorption capacity of activated carbon fiber is larger than that of activated carbon. For example, for mercaptans with foul odor, the adsorption capacity differs by as much as 40 times. Some substances that are difficult to absorb, such as trace pollutants with a concentration of less than 10ppm, also have a large amount of adsorption. adsorption capacity.
2. The adsorption speed is fast. If activated carbon and carbon fiber are made into adsorption layers of the same thickness, the gaseous benzene blows the adsorption layer at the same speed, and if the outlet concentration reaches 10ppm as the penetration layer, it only takes a few minutes for the activated carbon adsorption layer to penetrate, but The activated carbon fiber adsorption layer can be used for a long time.
3. The adsorption speed is fast. For some gaseous substances, activated carbon fiber adsorption can reach 800%, while activated carbon can only reach 100%.
4. Another feature of activated carbon fiber is that it has strong plasticity, can be processed into various shapes, and is easy to use.
Activated carbon fiber is manufactured by activating pitch-based carbon fiber, phenolic-based carbon fiber, etc. at high temperature. The surface of the manufactured carbon fiber will produce pore size and increase the surface area. As people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the attention to the living environment is also increasing, and activated carbon fiber is very popular because of its excellent performance in purifying the environment.

Where Is activated Carbon Fiber Superior To Activated Carbon?

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