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Xiaomi plans to become the world’s No. 1 within 3 years; Google plans to open third-party payment in South Korea;

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Yang Yuanqing responds to the termination of the IPO on the Science and Technology Innovation Board: Lenovo far exceeds the listing standards

At the performance exchange meeting after the release of the financial report, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, bluntly said that the rumors that “Lenovo did not meet the IPO standards of the STAR Market” were “completely non-existent”. Yang Yuanqing pointed out that in the past three years, Lenovo’s annual R&D investment has continued to exceed 10 billion yuan, “this has greatly crossed the R&D threshold related to the Science and Technology Innovation Board” (21st Century Business Herald)

Tencent employees respond to the 965 work system: no notification, unrealistic

Previously, according to Tencent employees broke the news on social networking sites, Tencent officially issued a document to implement the “965” work system, that is, going to work at 9 o’clock, leaving work at 6 o’clock, and working for 5 days. The reporter learned from employees of various departments of Tencent on November 3 that they have not received the above notice. Some Tencent employees said that the “965” work system is unrealistic, it is too early to go to work at 9 o’clock, and the traffic jams are severe during peak hours. “1075” is more suitable, that is, work at 10 o’clock, leave work at 7 o’clock, and work for 5 days. (Sina Technology)

Lu Weibing: Xiaomi’s goal is to become the world’s No. 1 within 3 years

Lu Weibing, partner of Xiaomi Group, president of China and International Departments, and general manager of Redmi brand, posted on social platforms that Mr. Lei proposed the goal of Xiaomi’s mobile phone sales in 3 years (by 2024), and the Chinese market, as Xiaomi’s base camp, also It must be planned with the goal of being the first in 3 years; offline accounts for 70% of the Chinese mobile phone market, so it is impossible to reach the first without a strong offline layout. Therefore, Xiaomi’s new retail is based on 10,000 stores. The overall goal of targeting 30,000 stores in the next three years, and mainly focus on three points of view, such as the expansion of sinking markets (counties and towns).

Luo Yonghao says the next entrepreneurial project is Metaverse

Earlier, Luo Yonghao, CEO of Hammer Technology, said on Weibo that he will return to the technology industry next spring, and he will return on the day the debt is repaid. Many netizens are looking forward to Luo Yonghao’s return. Today, Luo Yonghao said on Weibo, “Our next entrepreneurial project is a so-called ‘Metaverse Company’” (Sina Technology)

Honor CEO says he wants to benchmark Apple

Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview that Honor has surpassed the need for the bottom line of survival, and does not care about the number of market share, but must work hard and build its own core against Apple, the strongest competitor in the industry. Competitiveness has been recognized by consumers on high-end machines. According to the Q3 report released by Counterpoint Research, Honor ranked third in the domestic smartphone sales ranking for three consecutive months. Previously, Honor’s market share once fell to 3%. Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily)

JD Cloud officially joined the Euler open source community

openEuler officially announced recently that JD Cloud signed the CLA Contributor License Agreement and officially joined the Euler open source community. JD Cloud is a cloud computing brand under JD Technology Group, providing basic cloud services including public cloud, proprietary cloud, and hybrid cloud. According to reports, JD Cloud will deeply adapt to the Euler open source operating system and provide sufficient technical support for the Euler operating system.

international news

The A16 chip on the iPhone 14 may use a 4nm process

Beijing time on November 4th, according to a report from MacRumors, according to a paid preview report to be released by DigiTimes, the chips that power the next-generation iPhone (tentatively called the iPhone 14 series) will be based on the 4nm process.

Google plans to open up third-party payments in South Korea

Google said on Thursday it plans to allow third-party payment systems in South Korea to follow a new South Korean law that bars major app store operators from forcing software developers to use its payment system. Earlier, South Korean antitrust regulators fined Google 207 billion won ($176.64 million) for abusing its dominant market position to restrict the mobile device operating system market.

Tesla stopped zero down payment financial leasing car purchases and changed to 10% down payment

In the financial leasing plan launched on the official website of Tesla (China) on November 1, the option of 0 down payment has been cancelled, and the minimum down payment has been adjusted to 10%. A Tesla financial leasing customer service staff said that he had just received a notice that the 0 down payment had been cancelled and changed to a 10% down payment, because the previous surge in 0 down payment orders had led to an increase in the delivery time. Tesla has not responded yet, (Beijing Business Daily)

Apple’s OLED MacBook Pro expected to be delayed

According to reports, Apple intends to launch a MacBook Pro with an OLED screen in 2025, but from the current situation, it is expected to delay the release. Apple, Samsung and LG are negotiating an OLED screen with a new structure, which will double the brightness of the screen and prolong its life, but the cost will also double, and the manufacturing difficulty will be more difficult. As for when the OLED screen MacBook Pro will be launched, the jury is still out. When the final launch will be announced when Apple officially releases it. (TechWeb)

Musk was “forced to donate” again, and the UN senior official’s offer was raised to 6.6 billion US dollars

David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations World Food Program, repeated his call on Thursday for Tesla CEO Elon Musk to donate some of his wealth to help alleviate global hunger. Compared with the last call, Beasley’s “forced donation” increased by $600 million to $6.6 billion. Beasley said a “broad and detailed plan” would be released in the coming days. (Financial Association)

Facebook customizes links for creators to avoid Apple tax

Facebook has reportedly found a new way to circumvent Apple’s 30 percent cut on in-app transactions, commonly known as the “Apple tax.” On Wednesday, Zuckerberg announced that creators on the platform will soon be able to share custom web links that direct fans to paying them for their subscriptions by using Facebook’s native billing system. If fans sign up via a link instead of Apple’s in-app subscription, creators will keep all amounts excluding taxes.

Arm CEO says chip shortage won’t be fully resolved by next Christmas

According to foreign media reports, the global chip shortage that began in the automotive field at the beginning of this year is still ongoing, and many fields such as consumer electronics have also been affected. Simon Higgs, CEO of chip architecture provider Arm, said that due to delays in chip delivery And the intensification of global shortages, the current chip supply and demand imbalance, this situation will not be completely resolved before Christmas 2022. Many previous CEOs, including Intel CEO Pat Kissinger, also predicted that the global chip shortage will continue for some time. (TechWeb)

Programmer’s area

RHEL 9 Beta Released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 Beta is now available, offering several new features and improvements, including applying kernel live patches from the web console. RHEL 9 Beta version updates are as follows: simplified automation and management, enhanced web console performance metrics; enhanced security and compliance, SSH root password login is disabled by default, and more. In addition to this, RHEL 9 Beta also ships with GCC 11 and the latest versions of the LLVM, Rust and Go compilers, and Python 3.9 will also be the default version for the RHEL 9 lifecycle.

Firefox 94 released

Firefox 94 is out now, and the release was first made available to Release channel users on November 2, 2021. The specific updates are as follows: v94 includes six interesting seasonal colorways available for a limited time, and users can find a color to suit (or elevate) their every mood; improves WebGL performance and reduces functionality on Linux consumption; slightly reduced Javascript memory usage; reduced CPU usage during socket polling for HTTPS connections, etc.

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