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Zhuhai heavily supports the development of the integrated circuit industry: the highest award for a single integrated circuit project is 100 million

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Recently, Zhuhai issued the “Opinions on Zhuhai’s Strong Support for the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry” (referred to as the “Opinions”) and “Several Policies and Measures on Promoting the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry in Zhuhai” (referred to as the “Measures”) to vigorously support the development of the integrated circuit industry. . In order to attract industrial projects to settle down, Zhuhai has awarded a cumulative reward of up to 100 million yuan for a single integrated circuit manufacturing project.

The “Opinions” clearly put forward the development goals of Zhuhai: by 2025, the scale of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry cluster will reach 100 billion yuan, supporting and driving the development of hundreds of billions of Electronic information industry clusters, with a more reasonable industrial structure, continuous breakthroughs in key technologies, and a high-end An internationally competitive integrated circuit industry cluster with leading, coordinated development and outstanding characteristics. Focusing on the above goals, the “Measures” mentioned that for newly established integrated circuit manufacturing projects, the annual paid-in registered capital (currency investment) before the project is put into operation will be rewarded up to 2 million yuan for every 10 million US dollars or 100 million yuan. For the original or newly established integrated circuit manufacturing projects that have been put into production, the annual increase in paid-in registered capital (currency contribution, undistributed profit transfer to capital increase, or distributed but unpaid transfer capital increase) per USD 10 million or RMB 100 million Give up to 3 million yuan in rewards. The cumulative reward for a single project is up to 100 million yuan.

In order to support the research on the core and key technologies of the industry, aiming at the high-end fields and key links of the key development of the integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai, the “Measures” support enterprises to carry out major innovative and breakthrough technology research and development activities. Start-up funds, national (provincial) major scientific and technological special projects, and “revelation and leadership” are provided for R&D support. The maximum support for a single project is no more than 20 million yuan, and enterprises are encouraged to strive to become the “leader” of the industry.

In addition, in order to speed up the introduction and agglomeration of industrial talents, the “Measures” support high-level integrated circuit talents to apply for the “Zhuhai Talent Program”, and provide resettlement subsidies to newly recruited talents in integrated circuit-related majors. The subsidy standard is 3 per person for full-time master students. 10,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan per full-time doctoral student, and a maximum annual subsidy of 5 million yuan for the same enterprise. A training subsidy of 5,000 yuan per person will be given to new R&D personnel of integrated circuit enterprises, and the maximum number of subsidy for the same enterprise per year shall not exceed 200 person-times.

The following are the original texts of “Opinions on Zhuhai’s Strong Support for the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry” and “Several Policies and Measures to Promote the Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry in Zhuhai”:

Opinions on Zhuhai’s strong support for the development of the integrated circuit industry

In order to implement the requirements of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan” and “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industry in Guangdong Province”, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, cultivate the industrial ecology, improve the level of the industrial chain, and accelerate the promotion of Zhuhai IC Industrial development, the following opinions are hereby offered.

1. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Second, Third, and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, as well as the Central Economic Work Conference, and thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches and important speeches to Guangdong. In the spirit of instructions and instructions, we will seize the major opportunities for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the new round of technological revolution and the general trend of industrial transformation, and take “strengthening design, cultivating ecology, focusing on innovation, promoting agglomeration, and grasping application” as the main development line, focusing on improving Zhuhai chips The leading advantages of the design industry, improve the manufacturing and packaging and testing links, realize the innovation and synergy of the whole industry chain, focus on building a national-level industrial innovation platform for integrated circuits, promote the deep integration and development of the industry, realize regional innovation synergy, and further optimize the industrial innovation ecological environment. Demonstration will enhance the driving force of industrial radiation, jump up the level of industrial development, and build the integrated circuit industry into a new engine to promote the high-quality development of Zhuhai’s information industry and a pillar industry with international competitiveness.

(2) Basic principles

– Adhere to the combination of market orientation and policy guidance. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in allocating innovation resources and the main role of enterprises in technological innovation, and guide and support technological innovation and achievement transformation of enterprises with inclusive policies such as tax incentives, government procurement, and environmental creation. Focus on supporting basic frontiers, common technologies, talent training, and public platform construction that cannot be effectively allocated by the market.

– Adhere to the combination of characteristic cultivation and key breakthroughs. Focus on cultivating the integrated circuit fields that have a good industrial foundation, advantageous characteristics, and regional and industrial needs in Zhuhai to achieve differentiated, characteristic, and personalized development of the integrated circuit industry; focus on key areas and weak links, and focus on key points Project planning, comprehensive implementation of policies, formation of synergies, key breakthroughs, and enhanced demonstration and driving effects.

——Adhere to the combination of open development and independent cultivation. Combining the development of the integrated circuit industry with major strategies such as the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, relying on resource endowments and regional advantages, to form a pattern of regional planning, rational division of labor, prominent features, gradient advancement, orderly competition, and coordinated development; extensive participation in international Competition and cooperation, optimize the business environment, promote the orderly and free flow of international and domestic factors, and the efficient allocation of market resources.

(3) Development goals

By 2025, the scale of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry cluster will reach 100 billion yuan, supporting and driving the development of a 100 billion-level electronic information industry cluster, with a more reasonable industrial structure, continuous breakthroughs in key technologies, and an international high-end leading, coordinated development, and outstanding feature. Competitive integrated circuit industry cluster. The integrated circuit design technology in key areas has reached the international leading level, the linkage and synergy of the integrated circuit industry chain has been strengthened, and it has been deeply integrated into the development of the integrated circuit industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. A group of innovation and public service platforms that basically meet the needs of industry development and sustainably support industry development. Build a number of integrated circuit characteristic parks, comprehensively enhance the space carrying capacity of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry, and form an internationally leading high-end integrated circuit industry cluster.

2. Key tasks

(1) Strengthen design, set benchmarks, and consolidate the advantages of integrated circuit design industry

1. Expand the scale of the chip design industry. Strengthen policy support and guidance, support Zhuhai chip design companies to increase investment in research and development, actively connect with national science and technology plans and major projects, and form a number of iconic independent innovation achievements. Encourage chip design companies to connect with the National Laboratory of Integrated Circuits of the University of Macau, and promote the development and transformation of integrated circuit design technology in Macau universities. Increase support for the use of EDA tools by design companies, purchase of IP cores, engineering tapeouts, and talent introduction. Strengthen the integrated development of chip and complete machine companies, guide application companies to cultivate and develop local suppliers, and promote the localization of chips. Guide and support local design companies to scale up, improve their technical level, and explore global layout. By 2025, several chip design companies with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan and 2-3 annual sales revenue of more than 3 billion yuan will be formed.

2. Improve the level of high-end chip design. Strengthen the shaping and improvement of chip design capabilities, and focus on SoC chips, communication chips, security chips and other key applications in key industries such as embedded SoC, high-performance digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits, new Display-specific chips, intelligent computing chips, new memory, industrial financial power, etc. In terms of products and technologies, differentiated characteristic advantages have been formed, and the design level of key enterprises has achieved leading global innovation.

3. Introduce and cultivate leading design enterprises. Increase investment in integrated circuit design enterprises, introduce and cultivate a group of leading integrated circuit design enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and industry influence, support EDA tool R&D enterprises, IP design and service enterprises to settle in Zhuhai, and drive Zhuhai Integrated circuit design is developing towards the high end. Strengthen supporting services for existing integrated circuit design enterprises, introduce relevant support policies, and provide support for enterprises in financing, research and development, talent training, and market development.

(2) Cultivate ecology, attract talents, and optimize the new environment for sustainable industrial development

4. Build an industrial technology public service platform. Relying on Zhuhai Advanced Integrated Circuit Innovation Research Institute, Zhuhai Southern Integrated Circuit Design Service Center and other platforms to focus on building a 12-inch pilot R&D line, an IC industry cloud service platform, a rapid packaging and testing analysis platform, an integrated circuit design service center, and an integrated circuit IP sharing center And engineering service center to provide integrated circuit enterprises with public services in the fields of pilot R&D, EDA, IP, design, multi-project wafer (MPW), etc., and enhance the deep technical support capabilities of Zhuhai integrated circuit industry.

5. Build an industrial innovation and entrepreneurship platform (Zhuhai) base. Support Southern Software Park, Gangwan No. 1, Tsinghua Science Park, Hengqin International Science and Technology Innovation Center, Zhuhai Advanced Integrated Circuit Innovation Research Institute and other units, with the goal of building a national “Core Fire” plan double innovation platform (Zhuhai) base, to build a comprehensive A “five-in-one” integrated circuit innovation and entrepreneurship platform (Zhuhai) base for technology transfer, investment promotion, incubation, technical services, and investment, to solve the industrialization of innovative achievements, entrepreneurial guidance, equity investment, debt financing, and market expansion for Zhuhai integrated circuit start-ups. , industrial chain connection and other key issues, promote vertical cooperation in the industrial chain, and build the base into one of Zhuhai’s “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” highlands.

6. Build a professional talent training system. Support leading integrated circuit enterprises and relevant universities and research institutes to implement the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” for integrated circuits, and cultivate integrated circuit professionals through school-enterprise joint schooling and social training. Support the construction of a back-end talent training base for integrated circuit design in the high-tech zone, and provide continuous talent supply for the development of the integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai. Support the establishment of microelectronics-related majors in Zhuhai universities, and explore the introduction of funding policies to encourage universities, enterprises, and industry alliances to jointly cultivate integrated circuit talents.

(3) Focus on innovation, promote opening up, and promote the construction of a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao collaborative innovation community

7. Strengthen the deep integration of industry, academia and research in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Actively connect with universities and scientific research institutions in Macao and Hong Kong, build a more convenient cooperation environment with Hong Kong and Macao, further open up the market, attract Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao industries to extend to Zhuhai, and form Zhuhai’s integrated circuit design advantages and Guangzhou manufacturing applications, Shenzhen technology innovation, Hong Kong The complementary advantages of international experience and Macao’s leading scientific research will drive the structural adjustment of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry and gradually improve the industrial chain. Join hands with Hong Kong and Macao to participate in the “Belt and Road” construction, encourage leading listed companies in Zhuhai to merge and integrate international resources, expand the international market, strengthen technical and industrial cooperation, and actively build a new pattern of opening up.

8. Build a Guangdong-Macao Integrated Circuit Industry Demonstration Park. Deepen industrial innovation cooperation, gather international innovation resources, support Hengqin to focus on the development of a new generation of information technology industries such as integrated circuits, build a world-class integrated circuit industry innovation park based on the high standards of Hengqin Science City, study and formulate special measures to promote integrated circuit talents , technology, capital and other innovative elements cross-border flow and cooperation. Relying on new R&D institutions such as Fudan Zhuhai Innovation Research Institute and Zhuhai UM Science and Technology Research Institute, deepen cooperation with domestic and foreign integrated circuit research institutes and industries, and expand international cooperation and exchange channels. Support the holding of internationally influential IC exhibitions, forums, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and other activities in Hengqin or Macau.

9. Strengthen the innovation capability of key industrial technologies. Implement major special projects in key areas of integrated circuits in Zhuhai, and develop key cores around EDA tools, intelligent computing architecture, key IP, advantageous chip products, characteristic processes, compound semiconductors, core components of production equipment, advanced packaging technology, and chip evaluation and analysis technology. Technical breakthrough. Strengthen the construction of integrated circuit technology innovation centers (platforms), and support leading enterprises and new R&D institutions to build EDA, IP, new storage technologies, advanced optoelectronic technologies, high-performance computing chips, high-performance analog circuits, Provincial and national innovation centers such as integrated circuit materials. Provide supporting support to integrated circuit projects that apply for and receive financial support from major national science and technology projects, key R&D plans, and major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects.

(4) Promoting agglomeration, complementing the production chain, and promoting industrial clusters and coordinated development

10. Strong support and introduction of IDM enterprises. Explore and develop new models such as virtual IDM and shared IDM. Promote the construction of characteristic process production lines and pilot R&D lines by existing leading enterprises in Zhuhai, and ensure the rapid development of key characteristic process fields with great market potential, good industrial foundation, and national security. Through the construction of EDA layout and routing innovation platform, advanced semiconductor IP and customized mass production platform, we will strengthen cooperation with major foundry factories. Support 8-inch silicon-based GaN epitaxy and chip mass production line to increase capital and expand production, quickly form large-scale production capacity, and break the bottleneck that hinders the development of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry.

11. Accelerate the improvement of the supporting capacity of packaging and testing and other links. Actively connect with leading international and domestic packaging and testing technology companies, actively introduce advanced packaging technologies and teams such as system-level packaging, 3D packaging, Panel-level and wafer-level packaging, and industrialize them in Zhuhai to gradually meet the extensive needs of the local market. Increase the support and cultivation of local third-party foundry testing companies, enlarge and strengthen the self-owned packaging factories of integrated circuit companies, and guide local companies to achieve rapid expansion through business mergers and acquisitions, capital increase and production expansion. Encourage business integration or mergers and acquisitions between packaging and testing companies, design companies, and manufacturing companies, and explore and support the development of emerging industry formats and innovative products. Build a technology platform for the packaging and testing industry, and promote cooperation among scientific research institutes, packaging and testing foundry companies, and chip design companies.

12. Accelerate the development of key equipment and material supporting industries. Strengthen the investment and intelligence introduction of key integrated circuit equipment, parts and materials enterprises and innovation teams. Vigorously introduce leading enterprises in key equipment fields including etching, cleaning, ion implantation, CMP, ATE and so on. Cultivate and introduce domestic and foreign leading enterprises in the fields of special raw materials such as silicon wafers, photoresists, polishing liquids, sputtering targets, metal wires, cleaning liquids, and mid-to-high-end electronic chemicals. Develop emerging fields such as non-silicon-based materials and compound semiconductor materials, develop high-value-added pan-electronic pan-semiconductor industries such as high-end packaging substrates and communication antennas, and gradually improve the layout of the integrated circuit industry chain in Zhuhai.

(5) Grasp applications, establish demonstrations, and create characteristic demonstrations to achieve industrial radiation

13. Create a collaborative innovation demonstration of AIoT smart home core chips. Promote the research and development and industrialization of key chips in the field of AIoT for image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, intelligent search, automatic control and other technologies. Improve the comprehensive competitiveness of smart home system solutions that integrate equipment control and information interaction, strengthen the intelligence level and service capabilities of smart home products, and realize the interconnection of smart products. Promote the development of related chips and supporting modules for technologies such as deep learning, machine vision, voice interaction, intelligent perception, sensing and motion control. Break through the key technologies of map construction and positioning and navigation core chips, realize algorithms such as robot vision processing, environment modeling, positioning and navigation, and implement application demonstrations on different types of robot products. Support enterprises to launch intelligent robots and intelligent innovative electronic devices that meet the needs of education, entertainment, and home services.

14. Create a collaborative innovation demonstration of cloud computing and information security core chips. Develop key chip technologies that can support high-performance cloud platforms with general computing, reconfigurable computing, and heterogeneous computing capabilities. Promote the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence industries, accelerate the popularization and application of smart chips and sensors, and promote edge computing to meet the needs of industry digitization in real-time business, data optimization, application intelligence, security and privacy protection. Focus on enhancing the efficient and secure cloud storage service supply capabilities for massive, high-latitude, heterogeneous data, and develop key chip technologies for new intelligent cloud services with functions such as semantics, voice, image, video, and biometrics.

15. Create a collaborative innovation demonstration of 5G industrial Internet core chips. Support the development of communication equipment and application software for specific industries and scenarios, realize real-time communication, accurate identification, effective interaction and intelligent control of people, equipment and products, break through the basic common chip technology that can support the industrial Internet platform, and accelerate 5G technology and industry. Deep integration of control supports the transformation of manufacturing enterprises to digitization, networking and intelligence.

3. Safeguard measures

(1) Strengthening organizational leadership

The Zhuhai Integrated Circuit Industry Development Leading Group (hereinafter referred to as the Leading Group) was established, with the main responsible comrades of the municipal government as the team leader and the responsible comrades in charge as the deputy team leaders. The members include the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Financial Work Bureau, Municipal Taxation Bureau and other units are mainly responsible comrades. The leading group is responsible for coordinating and promoting the development of the city’s integrated circuit industry, integrating resources from all parties, and coordinating to solve major problems. The leading group office is located in the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau and is responsible for daily work. Establish an expert advisory committee for the development of the integrated circuit industry to conduct demonstrations and evaluations on major issues and policy measures in the development of the integrated circuit industry in our city, and provide consulting suggestions.

(2) Increase financial support

Give full play to the leading and leading role of the state-owned capital industry, and the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission will lead the establishment of an integrated circuit industry investment fund with a scale of not less than 10 billion yuan, focusing on supporting the introduction of basic, strategic and major projects in the integrated circuit industry in the city, as well as local enterprise mergers and acquisitions, New (extension) construction. Encourage industry leaders and investment institutions to initiate the establishment of integrated circuit design angel funds, venture capital funds, and intellectual property investment funds, and focus on key links such as the integrated circuit industry chain and complete machine applications. Support enterprises to apply for national and provincial integrated circuit industry funds and special funds. Through the existing channels to coordinate financial funds at the two levels of the city, increase support for the integrated circuit industry.

(3) Strengthening the construction of system and mechanism

Promote system and mechanism innovation, establish extensive and multi-level integrated circuit industry development innovation cooperation and mechanisms, and form a joint force to support the development of the integrated circuit industry. Give full play to the role of state-owned and state-owned enterprises in promoting the development of the integrated circuit industry, establish a regulatory assessment and incentive mechanism that conforms to the development law of the integrated circuit venture capital industry, and establish and improve a fault-tolerant mechanism for government equity investment funds to invest in seed-stage and start-up companies. Encourage and support integrated circuit researchers from Hong Kong and Macao universities and scientific research institutions to invest in Zhuhai and industrialize their achievements.

(4) Support the construction of major projects

Major projects in the integrated circuit industry are given priority to be included in the city’s key construction project plan. For projects in the fields of integrated circuit manufacturing, design, EDA software, IP design, packaging and testing, equipment and other fields with large investment, as well as industrial basic platforms with obvious industrial driving effects such as integrated circuit innovation platforms, public technology platforms, industrial universities, etc. Support on a “one matter, one discussion” approach.

(5) Support the construction of characteristic parks

Strengthen planning, improve the industrial chain, optimize the spatial layout, support the construction of integrated circuit characteristic industrial parks, give priority to the protection of industrial land, focus on supporting high-tech zones to expand and strengthen integrated circuit design and supporting industries, and focus on supporting Hengqin to build Guangdong-Macao integrated circuits Industrial Park, support Xiangzhou District to build an integrated circuit application demonstration cluster, support Gaolan Port District, Xinqing Industrial Park, Doumen Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Fushan Industrial Park to develop integrated circuit manufacturing, packaging and testing and other integrated circuit supporting industries.

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